Hi I’m Garnet Jason Baco,friends call me Box (for some intentional reasons way back high school years). Travelling around my beloved country-Philippines became one of my major interests since my first one (Cebu City) at age 11 sponsored by our school and local government (for a National Boy Scouting Jamboree). From then on, I had numerous government/school-commissioned travels around the country for several academic-related competitions for the rest of my primary and secondary schooling (sad that I didn’t have my own dslr those times). I studied tertiary at the UP Diliman (College of Fine Arts) and finished the degree on BFA-Visual Communication where I eventually embraced photography (landscape,fashion,architecture,etc.), became a freelance photographer,art director and design consultant to some private individuals and advertising agencies. My first professional and full-time job was in a multinational advertising agency as an Art Director, then decided to explore the world of marketing (while practicing part of the advertising concepts) as an Account Director to a Category Marketing Manager (present).These jobs fortunately have enabled my endless interest on travelling to push through without sacrificing my work since most of them require a lot of field work from Luzon to Mindanao (not to mention events,seminars,etc.). I decided to create this blog to share the story of my life as I travel and meet adventures, impart learned lessons and publish the Philippines at its best! Have fun, sit back, relax and fasten your seat belts!


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